video The Spiral Jetty (1970), by artist Robert Smithson

The Spiral Jetty, created by artist Robert Smithson in the year 1970, lies some 15 miles from the Golden Stake National Monument, in the fantastical state of Utah. It lies in an area named Rozel Point towards the north coast of the Great Salt Lake. It is an example of how a monumental form catches your eye, then your fancy, and draws you into itself. The fact that it is a spiral, upon which you can walk, is a guarantee of the deliverance of this effect. Entrancing and mysterious, this sign unravels as you enter it and continue along its path, and the encounter with the mysterious churning of the water, as well as its arcane mixture of chemical and biological agents, creates an unsurmountable aesthetic experience; comprised of textures, hues, and a variety of consistencies of mineral forms. Visiting it is a riveting experience, coupling the effect the Sun, the geology of the area, the Great Salt Lake, and the artistic ingenious of Smithson — creating one of the most primordial of experiences, as well as taking you on a journey of introspection and exploration in extremophile conditions.


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