Highlights from the exhibition Ay Caramba: A Simpsons Tribute, held at Mondo Bizarro Comics Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico (2014)

Last December 23, 2014 there was an exhibition held at Mondo Bizarro Comics Gallery at the Paseo de Diego in Río Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Poster exhibition view at Mondo Bizarro Comic Gallery, curated by Yasmine Stella Ledée, Luis Carlos Parés, and Cranium Corporation

The television series The Simpsons has broken records consistently throughout its history of 25 years, serving the role of critical mirror; where American society and the human condition are explored using humor and satire. The program deals with the exploits of a classic nuclear family, consisting of mother, father, a male child, and two female children, not forgetting of course the dog and cat. This fact is put in relief against the occupation of the father, a mix between a noble being and the village idiot, who works at the local power plant operating a fusion reactor. The mother is a stereotypical suburban housewife, devoted to the task being a good mother and keep the balance of her home in the face of a wide range of challenges; some of these are absolutely absurd, but some sublime too. Celebrating the legacy of this cultural product, that has been exported in multiple languages ​​throughout the industrialized world, Mondo Bizarro Comic Gallery presented a tribute exhibition, including the work of illustration and graphic design from artists from Puerto Rico and the United States. The exhibition was curated by Yasmine Stella Ledée, Luis Carlos Parés and Cranium Corporation.

The exhibition included artists FISU, SPEAR, Ahmed Albizu, Rangely, Wizard Skull, La Ele, Jonathan Ortíz, Killer Acid, Jorge Santiago, Sergio Vázquez, Joe León, CJ Román, Vincent Díaz, Daniela Paola, Pedro Quiñonez, Rafael Toledo, Karen Carrasquillo, Rosa Colón, Gerardo Cloquell, Tony Rodríguez, Josué Oquendo, Rafael Vargas-Bernard, Adrián Martínez, Josué Vázquez, and Joseto.

Here are some of the highlights:

Poster by Joseto
Poster by Josué Oquendo
Poster by Pedro Quiñonez
Poster by Rafael Toledo
Poster by Killer Acid
Poster by La Ele
Poster by Jonathan Ortíz
Poster by Rangely
Poster by SPEAR

All photos by Cranium Corporation (2015).

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