And more dogs: Recent work by artist Jess Smith, curated by Teresa Goodman, on view at 2291 3rd Street Gallery in San Francisco, from September 12 — October 10, 2015 

Minnesota Street Project and 2291 3rd Street Gallery presents And more dogs., an exhibition by Oakland-based artist Jess Smith. The exhibition, curated by Teresa Goodman, will run through October 10, 2015.

Since it opened in mid-September, a narrative has unfolded within the exhibition, inspired by a live streaming surveillance feed of a “doggie daycare” in San Francisco found on Opentopia — a website that hosts footage from cameras worldwide lacking password protection and allows visitors to create usernames and interface via message board. A dog is viewed in real time online via surveillance, as an online spectator comments on the stream, and Smith has looked upon the situation as a whole to produce her project.

These elements served as the inspiration for an expansive fictional script produced by Smith, realized via outsourced services on Fiverr through character development, script writing, and sound design. It materializes as an environment or live scene in which the three represented parties —the dog, commenter, and artist— are all reimagined in the same physical space: a pet store within a horror film within an art gallery. The use of props such as shopping baskets, paw print decals, a bone shaped welcome mat, resin blood pools, a fake computer, and security surveillance mirror reference the setting as a suspenseful soundtrack moves the public through the suggested plot.

Jess Smith (b. 1988, Columbus, Ohio) received her MFA from Mills College in 2015 and a BFA in Photography from Ohio State University in 2012. With a special interest in identity construction and entertainment, Smith produces stories entirely outsourced online, based on Internet communities formed around desire. Her work has recently been exhibited at NBD Projects, Southern Exposure, SOMArts, and the Mills College Art Museum in the Bay Area, as well as Wave Pool Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“She grabs the doorknob, pauses with nerves, and turns it open.,” vynil paw print window decal , 2015


“The girls scream bloody murder as the front door rests wide open, waiting for whatever is taunting them to enter.,” bone shaped astroturf welcome mat, 2015


“Panic instantly erupts in her as she slowly cranes her head around. There is no one there.,” surveillance dome mirror, 2015


“Dark secret: She wants to move to France,” digital print, 2015


“SAVANNAH — What about the computer? They should have Internet, right? We could email the police for help.,” prop computer, 2015


“As the banging persists, Jessica spots blood oozing through the crease between the door and floor.,” two resin blood pools, 2015


“As the banging persists, Jessica spots blood oozing through the crease between the door and floor.,” two resin blood pools, 2015


“Jessica and Savannah grab dog toys for weapons as they stare at the front door.,” stack of plastic shopping baskets, 2015


“Color: Purple, Music: World Music/Beats, Food: Halibut, Literature: Metafiction,” digital print, 2015


“Pets: one dog named Freddy Mercury (named after the singer from Queen),” digital print, 2015


“Coop shoves past Jessica and beelines for the back door. He starts scratching it uncontrollably and barking like mad.,” vynil bone and paw print wall decals, 2015


All photos by Cranium Corporation for Minnesota Street Project and 2291 3rd Street Gallery, 2015

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