gallery Sorry: A music video for LA based psychedelic punk band Prettiest Eyes, by Cranium Corporation (2016)

Fan-made music video for the track titled “Sorry,” by LA based band Prettiest Eyes, from their 2015 album titled LooksIt is a narrative assembled from a number of appropriations and manipulations —from  television shows and commercials, and science and art museum experiences.

“The band crafts a completely menacing blues-based sound, attacking from all angles and firmly keeping their feet in the murky pools of psych and noise. Originally from San Juan, but now based in LA, the band operates as a three piece – Pachy takes care of the drumming and vocals. Marco plays bass and Paco plays keyboards, and both together provide backup singing. Their album packs a psychedelic punch like the best of their California-based brethren, elevating songs from wild to straight-up berserker status. The three-pronged vocal effort calls to mind Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys or even Hungry Gayze. The end result yields a nerve-racking blend of prismatic psychedelic punk, loaded with razor-sharp elements and buzzing keyboards processed through effect pedals for an excruciating crunch.” —Zac Camagna, from

Produced, performed, recorded and mixed by Prettiest Eyes at Sonido Sensillo in Los Angeles, California. Mastered by Jacob LaCally. All songs by Prettiest Eyes except “LSD” written by Phil May and Dick Taylor. Recorded on March 2014.

Pachy – Drums/Vocals, Marco – Bass, Love Juice – Keyboards.

Released on 12″ vinyl by Aagoo Records (

© 2015

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