gallery Works for an Unrealized Film: An exhibition by Anthony Discenza, on view at Et al, etc. at Minnesota Street Project from April 29 — June 3, 2017

Currently on view at Et al. is Works for an Unrealized Film, a new solo exhibition by Anthony Discenza. The exhibition is on view through June 3, 2017.

The exhibition departs from an incident in 2015, in which Discenza was asked by a film production designer to create a collection of works that would be used to portray the work of a fictional artist in a psychological thriller about the art world. Though his proposal for the project was rejected (and ultimately the film was never produced), Discenza uses the current show as an opportunity to realize his original concept: creating an exhibition of appropriated objects that have all been used as props in existing film productions. Playing with the history of the readymade and the notion of aura as a mediator of value, the project also continues Discenza’s interest in implied narrative spaces that must be filled in by the viewer’s imagination. Via Et al.

Here are some highlights:

Installation view of Works for an Unrealized Film: An exhibition by Anthony Discenza, 2017
Untitled (Missile Launcher), 2017, Custom fabricated resin and rubber missile launcher (based on SA-7 Grail) used in production of 2016 film “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”
Untitled (Cigarettes), 2017, Pack of Belmorkanal cigarettes used in production of 2006 film “Children of Men”
Untitled (Drum Stool), 2017, Ludwig black leather drum stool used in production of 1991 film “The Doors”
Untitled (Tote Bag), 2017, Polyethylene Ralph’s tote bag used in production of 2010 film “Dinner for Schmucks”
Untitled (Desk Phone), 2017, Black AT&T desk phone used in production of 2005 film “Syriana”
Untitled (Rope), 2017, Length of hemp and polyester rope used in production of 2005 film “The Brothers Grimm”
Untitled (Stunt Crutch), 2017, Custom fabricated foam rubber and metal stunt crutch used in production of 2014 film “Kingsman: The Secret Service”
Untitled (Bath Towel), 2017, Green cotton bath towel used in production of 1997 film “Picture Perfect”
Untitled (Surveillance Tape), 2017, VHS surveillance tape used in production of 2004 film “The Terminal”
Untitled (Alien Torso), 2017, Custom fabricated silicone, plastic, and foam FX torso used in production of 2008 film “The Day the Earth Stood Still”
Untitled (Gold Brick), 2017, Cast resin gold brick used in unknown film production
Untitled (Burned Photograph), 2017, Partially charred framed photo in plastic evidence bag, used in production of 2011 film “Blitz”
Untitled (Basketball), 2017, Spalding basketball used in the production of 2012 film “Prometheus”
Untitled (Pesticide), 2017, Custom fabricated “Toxi-pest” cardboard pesticide box used in production of 2004 film “The Constant Gardener”
Untitled (Pipe), 2017, Cast iron pipe with elbow fitting used in production of 2010 film “The Experiment”

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