gallery Video Interview with artist Paula Morales: Speaking on recent exhibition in New York City, her brand Fern and Whale, and her multimedia studio practice.


For more information about Morales’ recent solo show at R/SF Projects in San Francisco click here.

For more information on the show at the Pelham Arts Center in New York City click here.

To visit the Fern and Whale website click here.


Paula Morales (b. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala) is a contemporary artist that investigates the in between. Her tools range from GIFs, video synthesis, installation, illustration, to ceramics. Morales’ work is loaded with clichés, explorations of gender, language, place and time.  Her practice highlights repetition and aesthetics of error. Her work is manifested through digital images, illustrations, fascinating projections and humorous installation where she incorporates industrial, reused and kitsch materials. Her practice navigates different mediums and takes different forms. Her work has been exhibited at Roll Up Gallery in Public Works SF (San Francisco CA), Pro Arts Gallery (San Francisco, CA); and appears in number 57 of Hayden’s Ferry Review (2015), Soundcloud Inc in (2015) and PHOTOSYNTHESIS of La Fototeca with National Geographic Magazine in 2013. She has done art direction work and design of music videos as well as various publications. Morales was recently an artist in residence at Recology SF, (San Francisco, CA).

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