gallery Interview with artist Jérôme Rivera Pansa: Elaborating on “To speak only in parentheticals,” their exhibition on view at Nook Gallery in Oakland, California

May 10-June 13
Open by appointment

For appointments to visit To speak only in parenteticals, by Jérôme Rivera Pansa

Document of Parentheticals

If an object speaks, do you listen?

I collect and collect, but it is not enough, it is never enough. And then I let go. I have to want to let go, like a mother who who wants the roots and branches of their children to reach out, to reach down, to reach within.

To speak only in parentheticals, is to detour for those who cannot. Perhaps to be still and whisper when others want to shout. An added net under for support, a grid to cradle and to perforate space.

We will sit with you, and take up space. Above and to your side, we are not here to undermine you, but understand we are here to exist with you. I will lay down when I need to, they will speak when they can, you will listen and you will listen well.

Jerome Rivera Pansa is an Oakland-based artist working in sculpture, installation, and performance. They work in mythologizing material ability for autonomy augmenting the embedded histories beyond utilitarian functions and rigid expectations. Through objects, they narrate the potential agency of the inanimate and those predominantly seen as a secondary or the often overlooked. Their work seeks to showcase the possibilities of individual authority for actions through spaces. They received their B.A. in Art Practice at University of California, Berkeley. They have shown work Rhythmix Cultural Works, Kearny Street Workshop at Arc Gallery, AS Gallery at San Francisco State University, California Center for the Arts and a collaborative piece in the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Rivera Pansa is a member of CTRL+SHFT Collective in West Oakland.

Photos courtesy of Nook Gallery

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