gallery Les De Afuera (2020): Fernando Pintado, Manhattan, New York, USA

Fernando Pintado (b. 1982) is a Puerto Rican artist based in New York City. Their work was featured in exhibitions at the Turn Gallery and the Embajada. Fernando Pintado has been featured in articles for the Arte Fuse and the “Two Coats of Paint”. The most recent article is Detectives and Janitors: Infra-Realism Finds Aesthetic at “Aqui Y Ahora” a Solo Show of Fernando Pintado at Turn Gallery written by Andrew Paul Woolbright for the Arte Fuse in February 2020.

Photo credit: Turn Gallery

Visit Pintado’s Instagram account via this link.

Les De Afuera (2020) is a compendium of interviews with Puerto Rican artists who have made their life across the globe produced by Cranium Corporation.

Directed and Produced by artist and curator Á.R. Vázquez-Concepción, for Cranium Corporation.

Music by artist Andrés Alfonso Lugo.

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