gallery Los Dientes Hundidos en la Garganta – POSTHUMANO, by Andrés Alfonso Lugo

31 Sound Compositions

“In the posthuman era we live in a cosmic loneliness where only the memory of what we have heard saves us and everything is transformed into Borgian thoughts”

31 Sound Compositions is a project that includes 4 conceptual albums that are intertwined in a theoretical synergy. The songs or sound compositions as I prefer to call them in Posthumano, Cosmic Loneliness and Memories Of Listening carry with them some theoretical reflections on our connection with the multiverse, the different ways we interpret that connection and the posthuman reality in which we live and are headed. In Ecos Borgianos everything is transformed from the literary thought of Borges. All the compositions refer to my literary studies.

The posthuman experience catapults us into a lonely cosmos and only our memories of what we have heard will help us cope with a future in which Borgian texts emit an infinite echo of a past-future vision where the fiction-reality of the multiverse becomes sound, vibrations and minimalist textures capable of saving us and perhaps launching us into an episode of eternal life. In this sound compositions project I try to trace an illusory, fictitious and theoretical future. I connect literary texts in which I have been immersed in the last two years. The result, the creation, the product, projects a very personal desire to produce sounds inspired by what I read and how my creative process transforms theories into sound.

In these compositions I have worked on the musical trends for which you already know me, minimalism, ambient, ethereal, textures, soundscapes, but I have also delved into the use of my voice and sound experimentation, focusing on improvisation and free jazz. I have used a double bass, guitars, cajon, synth, electric bass, clave, cymbals  and my voice in the process.

The Posthumano concept album is accompanied by visuals produced by the Puerto Rican artist based in San Francisco Angel Rafael Vazquez Concepcion. With the visuals and the sound compositions he has edited a 30-minute experimental short movie. The short movie also includes a theoretical text that narrates what the Posthumano conceptual album wants to tell.

I want this project to be understood as a whole concept and listened to in the suggested order:


Cosmic Loneliness

Memories Of Listening

Ecos Borgianos


The process:

The music that I have created in these sound compositions seek to speak of the post-human moment in which we find ourselves or are soon to live. The posthuman is an ongoing phenomenon. It is a hypothesis about the type of subject we are transforming into ”(Braidotti 2019) Immersed in a pandemic and self-helped by technologies, social networks and algorithms, we already live in a new moment, we are a different us, a new we are. Some of the names used to describe music such as ambient, krautrock, space rock and phsych refer to the posthuman if we analyze it from a futuristic perspective. I think that referring to those sounds was the most appropriate if I wanted to explore the posthuman concept from my sound compositions.

In the compositions I have wanted to recreate a circular sensation, since in the posthuman experience there is a disconnection with the organic and we enter a “out of time” (Byung-Chul Han 2009). It is as if this new era of the posthuman will catapult us to a non-beginning, an endless. A presentism of now and always now encloses us forever in a kind of trip that always returns to the same place, like losing ourselves in another dimension knowing that we are, but we are not, we feel, we listen, but we are not, like the other dimension of the story told in the movie Interstellar. There is always a minimalist presence, a sound experimentation, oscillations, noises, soundscapes that try to recreate spaces, moments and experiences in what I compose and the post-human experience does not move away from these processes. There are layers that suddenly stand out and others that constantly rotate giving the circular sensation of starting a journey where when you arrive what you see is the beginning and this is repeated over and over again without end like the punishment of Sisyphus.

Posthumano narrates from the sound that endless loop, the new human experience, the new we are, a we in which we do not know what to expect where we cannot see the end, only the constant from an algorithm that turns in circles and repeats itself, it repeats and repeats itself, making us believe that we exist when in reality it seems that we simply do not exist. “Inconclusion becomes a permanent state”

(Byung-Chul Han 2009). Being immersed in a posthuman experience results in an ambiguity that provokes a need for infinite questioning, multiple questions that do not end because that is what the posthuman experience provokes, a constant infinity, never knowing what we are, where we are. , where are we going, when we get there. Sound loops from minimalism where repetition is constant.

The Antagonism:

The discourse and posthuman experiences place us in a kind of universal advance and transform us into a new species. It is to use that circular space in a loop in which we find ourselves to resurface, reinvent ourselves, recreate a new transdisciplinary, post-species, multispecies being with capacities never seen before with the power to direct us towards an infinite 2nd life in connection with everything. How is that power built? I try with music …

This sound compositions project by Andres Lugo is available on his bandcamp account under his artistic name Los Dientes Hundidos en la Garganta and also under the indie label from Argentina No Me Escucho Records

The video art Posthumano edited by Angel Rafael Vazquez Concepcion that includes Andres Lugo sound compositions for the conceptual album Posthumano can be found under No Me Escucho Records youtube channel

Los Dientes Hundidos en la Garganta – POSTHUMANO 

Artist Statements:

For Angel Rafael Vazquez Concepcion view :

For Andres Lugo view:

Link to Andres Lugo other releases under his sound composition solo project Los Dientes Hundidos en la Garganta 

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