“Forest Field” (2015), by artist Barbara Rink at the Soledad Senlle Art Foundation in Amsterdam

The following images are of an installation titled Forest Field, made in 2015 by artist Barbara Rink (b. 1978, Netherlands). It is constructed out of a series of drawings of tree branches and twigs made on large sheets of paper which have been rolled and propped up using wooden easels as support. Drawn from life, the representations of trees on paper create an environment which paradoxically references the layered architecture of a forest —raising questions about materiality, humans’ relationship with nature, and scientific discourse.

The works as they appear in these images were first shown at Soledad Senlle Art Foundation, located in Amsterdam, at an exhibition titled Drawing Nearcurated by the director of the art foundation Marisol Ferradas in April of 2015.

The Soledad Senlle Art Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting special projects by young and established artists from various disciplines. The Foundation strives to bring renewing art projects into the public eye, involving urban environment and the community, to stimulate creative and critical thought about contemporary art.









Barbara-Rink-2 Barbara Rink (b. 1978, Netherlands) makes installations based on her ongoing interest into mystical and experiential relation to nature and the origin of life, drawing upon the history of spiritual and scientific thinking and personal experience. Originally a painter she uses painterly methods, materials and drawing as building blocks for her installation work, with emphasis on a process-oriented way of working and the intelligence and sensibility of the material itself.

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