gallery Interview with artist Rosell Meseguer: Expanding on art, the archive as a dynamic apparatus, unidentified flying objects, and the Cold War

OVNI III, Ink print from photo slide over dibond, 40 x 60 cm, 2007


Rosell Meseguer (b. 1976, Spain)Visual artist and Doctor in Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where she currently teaches. Since 2005 he has developed her professional career between Europe and Latin America through partnerships with museums, art galleries and workshops in various universities in the Americas. Member of the Grupo de Investigación Interfaces Culturales (Interfaces Cultural Research Group), Cuenca. Spain.

Meseguer’s work is developed in different media – photography, installation, archive, publications, drawings, painting and video – linked to the investigation of historical processes and sociopolitical and economic consequences. She analyzes the construction of history and the creation of documentation methodologies in works that have been developed through research at M.O.MA, New York; Tate Britain, London; Georges Pompidou Center, Paris; Cannonball, Miami, Florida and the National Library of Spain BNE, Madrid, through its membership in the research group “Decolonizing knowledge and aesthetics,” between Matadero and Goldsmiths University.

She is currently developing a project titled “The Invisible,” on an invisibility cape discovered by a group of German scientists, the project has been exposed in Tabacalera Madrid, the Párraga Center, Murcia.

She works internationally but lives in Madrid, Spain.

To visit Rosell Meseguer’s website please click here.

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